Building A Quality Custom Home–What You Need To Know

I am excited to share with you a FREE download of my first book. I have found it to be most helpful to anyone considering building a new custom home or adding an addition to their current home. I wrote it to help people save time, money, headaches, and heartaches.. For your convenience I have provided formats that can be used onmore than five different devices.

To download your FREE copy of Building A Quality Custom Home–What You Need To Know…..Click HERE for Kindle or Click HERE for Apple Products (Ipad, Itouch, Iphone, Mac, etc), Sony, Nook, or Ebook formats.

Below is some of the helpful information you can benefit from by reading my book:

· Learn the 10 critical questions to ask before you build

· Find out the 7 most important places to spend money on your home

· Understand the top 11 mistakes made by new homeowners…and how to avoid them.

· Verify that the construction process is on track with 7 helpful checklists.

· And much, much more…….

Download Steps:

· Step 1: Plug in the device you plan to read your book on (in this case your ipad) into your computer

· Step 2: Download the file (NOTE: since Apple has all of their downloads ran through Itunes, you will need to download the file to your computer and then click and drag it into Itunes)

· Step 3: Unplug and read

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